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Everyone Versus Racism

Patrick's journey from facing racism to saving a far-right protester at a BLM demonstration, changing the narrative.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

On 13th June 2020, Patrick and his friends were compelled to travel to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in central London to protect women and children from the far right counter-demonstrators and football hooligans. What happened next changed Patrick’s life forever and shocked the world.

An image of Patrick carrying a far right counter protestor on his shoulder saving him from serious harm went viral. His actions also helped save the BLM protest from being hijacked by negative press. The incident changed the narrative and the image was featured in global news.

Join Patrick as he tells his story, from growing up and experiencing racism on a London council estate, raised by a Jamaican single mother from the Windrush generation, all the way through to the event at Black Lives Matter. Hear how his upbringing led him to make that decision, and how he continues to stand up for the more vulnerable.


Personal Trainer, athletics coach, public figure, martial artist, author and now co-founder of pHKind, a health and wellness brand that empowers individuals to take ownership of their health. Patrick, father of four with four grandchildren, has been motivating people and uplifting his community long before he became a national hero.

What customers say...

‘” A valuable voice in the conversation about race” - The Sunday Times

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