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Running Club and Sessions

Running sessions offer diverse options from a social Run Club, core-focused Run & Reps and charity event preparation sessions.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

Our running sessions offer a range of options, from improving technique and speed in a social setting to combining running drills with core exercises, as well as specialised training to prepare teams for charity events.

  • Run Club - Whether you are signed up for the London Marathon or a complete running newbie, Run Club is a fun and social way to keep you motivated and fit whilst seeing new running routes and improving your technique and speed over time.
  • Run & Reps - Combining local running routes with repetitions of specific running exercises and drills that focus on the core and lower body, Run & Reps manipulates distance, speed and volume to keep the sessions varied - Prepare to unlock your next level of speed and endurance! We lead you on a warm-up jog to a local green space, where you'll be guided through the prepared workout, finishing up with a jog back to the office. This class is aimed at anyone looking to improve their running, whether you're building up to your first 5km or looking to break a sub 3 hour marathon!
  • Charity Event Training - Our experienced instructors offer tailored one-off training sessions to prepare teams for charity events like marathons or sponsored walks. They focus on building endurance and motivation to ensure participants are ready for the challenge ahead.


Our running instructors are experienced at creating sessions and programmes to tailor to all fitness levels.

What customers say...

"I am fairly new to running so it was a leap for me to join the running club when it was launched at work, but I'm so glad I did. Each session has been fun, and the right level of challenging. Some of the runners are much fitter than I am and they go off a bit faster and I stick to the pace that is right for me. I'm feeling fitter and think I'm now hooked!"

£95 - £120
*Pricing is dependant upon format, duration and location.
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