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Health & Wellbeing

Strength and Fitness Classes

Tailored strength and fitness classes in London workplaces, led by expert trainers for a healthier team.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

Our Strength and Fitness classes are design to get people moving, strengthening and toning different areas depending on what your teams focus is.

  • Sweat - Sweat away the week with our fastest paced class. Working your entire body and core whilst keeping the heart rate high through intervals and circuits, this HIIT class will keep you working right until the end!
  • Strength - Move strong with our full-body strength focused class, where we build muscle and work the whole body. We'll be mixing it up with bodyweight and resistance exercises, and of course a healthy dose of core!
  • Bodyweight Blast- Prepare for endorphins! Bodyweight Blast will guide you through a range of exercises and movements using your own bodyweight to improve your strength and stamina… No equipment needed!
  • CrossFitness - Inspired by 'CrossFit' training, this class will challenge you each week to push yourself or work as a team to complete a fitness challenge. Every workout can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels, so whether you are a beginner, or a CrossFit regular, you are welcome to class!
  • Functional Fitness - Preparing you for life outside of the gym walls. In these classes we’ll mimic everyday actions, incorporating multiple muscles groups at the same time. This builds strength, stability and mobility, making us more efficient human beings, not just inside the gym.
  • Arms and Abs - This class is for everything above the belt! Using weights and bodyweight exercises you'll train your upper body and core like never before!
  • Lower Body Pump - Paying special attention to the lower body and glutes (a muscle group often neglected) this class will guide you through controlled exercises to strengthen and shape your lower body.
  • Total Body Burner - Half way between a HIIT class and a strength class, you will be guided through a range of higher tempo, higher rep exercises with cardio elements thrown into the mix.. you’ll leave this class feeling the burn!


Our Strength and Fitness sessions are run by our team of qualified personal trainers and fitness coaches.

What customers say...

"Very helpful for supporting with exercises, and quick to offer suggestions when some can't be done. I feel it's very fun and my fitness levels are improving, so 5/5 class, would go again."

£95 - £120
*Pricing is dependant upon format, duration and location.
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