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Health & Wellbeing

The Breath And Our Mental Health

Learn practical breathwork techniques to enhance mental health, productivity, and life quality in a guided workshop.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

When there are major changes at work or in our personal lives to deal with, the breath will always be affected. And this alone can impact our mental health.

However, we all have the ability to positively impact our mood, sleep, concentration, focus, memory, physical endurance, and so much more, simply through the breath.

In this workshop, expert breathwork facilitator, Leigh Ewin, will give you practical and simple techniques so you can reshape, optimise and enhance your own breathing and your mental health; and therefore your life.

Across the session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of "Why & How we breathe"
  • Find your natural rate of breath
  • Be provided with an Introduction to breathwork exercises and techniques to implement these new changes to your breath
  • Enjoy guided breathing meditation


Leigh Ewin is a master breathwork facilitator and educator based in Finland who specialises in helping people experience their breath all over again. He is soon to release his first book connecting technical expertise with the breath and practical applications of it to our day to day lives for performance.

What customers say...

"The sessions allow me to take time to myself and be in my own bubble, which is a great time spent after a daily 9-5pm"

£1,500 - £2,000
*Pricing is dependant upon format, duration and location.
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