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Understanding & Creating LGBTQ+ Psychological Safety

Explore LGBTQ+ identities, psychological safety, corporate activism, policy changes, and personal experiences in this interactive workshop.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

Across this session with consultant Max Siegel we will cover a whole of topics. Broken down into 3 parts you will cover:

Part 1) An introduction to LGBTQ+ identities and community in 2024

  • We’ll explore the LGBTQ+ timeline with a lens of understanding current legal and social attitudes globally, and discuss the importance and power of corporate activism and inclusion. Max will also introduce his own journey and experiences as a transgender man to give context to the session.

Part 2) What does psychological safety mean for LGBTQ+ people?

  • Understanding the importance of culture and communication as a base for inclusion and equity.
  • Key areas of structural and policy changes, with best practice examples.

Part 3) Q&A

  • An Ask Me Anything style session for attendees to ask any questions about LGBTQ+ identities or the content of the session.


Max Siegel is a proud Transgender man, speaker, consultant, activist and all-around "career queer". Max supports and advises companies on their LGBTQ+ and Trans inclusion policies, programs and commitments.

What customers say...

"Max came to the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, on 22nd February 2023, as the invited keynote speaker for the University’s Annual LGBT History month lecture.

Max’s lecture ‘A personal story of transition’ was delivered to a packed lecture room with a wide online audience. He spoke eloquently about trans history, his own lived experiences and the specific challenges and persecution which the community is unjustly facing today, and how individuals and organisations can step up and take action to address transphobia. Max was incredibly engaging, authentic and absolutely lovely to work with, I look forward to future collaborations!"

£2,000 - £2,500
*Pricing is dependant upon format, duration and location.
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