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Chris Gawor

Chris Gawor

Chris has lived experience of gambling addiction, which spanned over 12 years while working as a senior sales leader for premium brands and PLCs. His addiction to stock market trading led him to risk significant sums of personal finances and credit. Through his recovery, Chris recognized the need for tailored support for gambling addictions and began researching the physiological and psychological impacts of gambling. He trained in mental health and addiction awareness, focusing on the rising trend of gambling addiction in the UK and its implications for employers. Chris's firsthand experience highlights the profound psychological and financial effects of gambling addiction on mental health and work performance. He observed how gambling during working hours affected attention, decision-making, and overall wellbeing. Now, Chris helps employers take proactive steps to support their staff and protect their businesses. By raising awareness of the unique impacts of gambling addiction, he aims to encourage individuals to seek support and prevent harmful gambling behaviours. Chris emphasises the importance of having a gambling policy in the workplace, as many businesses overlook this issue, leaving employees to struggle in silence due to the stigma associated with gambling harms.

What Clients Say

"Thank you so very much Chris for bringing greater awareness to us all. I understood some elements but l have learnt so much from today's call. The climate we live in currently is making gambling far too easy." Learning & Development Team - Network Rail.