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Rachelle Watson-Hill

Rachelle Watson-Hill

Rachelle is a Leadership Wellbeing Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator. LinkedIn's Top Voice for Work-Life Balance, anti-burnout, and an advocate for workplace well-being in the Creative Industry. Working with Business Owners, Professionals, Agencies, and Tech companies. Rachelle has worked at early-stage start-ups, within high-growth tech, and at the Top 3 largest advertising companies in the world. With 14 years experience in Digital Advertising, Tech, and Marketing, Rachelle founded Grow Where You Learn & Develop (Grow WYLD) 6 years ago as a human first approach to Learning & Development. Normalising good, effective leadership, as everyone's business and capability. Specialising in setting people free from their limiting beliefs to excel in the leadership of their lives, career, business, and personal growth. Centred by a holistic approach to well-being creating sustainable growth, balance, and success. Rachelle’s authentic approach to deeper connection, action led change and being the catalyst for critical thinking make her an ideal partner to do the work with - you are bound to laugh and have a good time transforming for the real future of work - let’s start with you.

What Clients Say

"The Bloom Growth Mindset session, led by Rachelle from Grow WYLD, was truly exceptional and left a profound impact on our team. Rachelle's ability to inspire and clarify complex concepts was remarkable. As the Head of Events for Bloom UK, I've collaborated with numerous facilitators and speakers, yet Rachelle's approach stood out for its effectiveness and depth. Her precision in conveying ideas resonated deeply with our team, sparking insightful discussions and instilling a sense of empowerment. Throughout the session, Rachelle demonstrated expertise in normalising leadership soft skills and promoting workplace well-being. She skilfully guided us through thought-provoking topics, fostering critical thinking and offering practical strategies to address workplace challenges such as anxiety, burnout, and stress. Rachelle's dynamic speaking style and engaging facilitation techniques ensured active participation from all attendees. In conclusion, the Bloom Growth Mindset session led by Rachelle was truly enriching, leaving our network of professional women feeling inspired, educated, and empowered. We are immensely grateful for Rachelle's expertise and guidance, and we eagerly anticipate incorporating her valuable insights into our professional and personal lives going forward." - Nana Opoku, Head of Events, Bloom UK 2022