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Health & Wellbeing

Breathwork For Emotional Release

A transformative breathwork session for emotional release, clarity, reduced anxiety, and a truly transformative experience. Lie down, wear headphones, and find a comfortable, uninterrupted space.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

As an accredited breathwork coach, Josh delivers his breathwork session that is suitable for all, including those who have never attempted any breathwork before.

The key benefits include:

  • Big emotional releases⁣
  • Deep clarity & creativity
  • Better body regulation ⁣
  • Reduced anxiety⁣

There are many more talked about benefits that you may discover. ⁣Like everything, if you’re willing to have an open mind, it can be a truly transformative event.

Things to consider:

  • The session will work best with headphones
  • You will need to lie down for the breathwork, you will not be able to do this type of breathing sitting up
  • If you can, try to refrain from eating for half an hour before
  • You will need to be somewhere comfortable and where you won't be disturbed


Josh Connolly is one of the most prominent voices and advocates for mental health in the UK, speaking regularly on TV and radio on the topic, giving his unique take on what it is to be resilient and how to look after our mental health.

What customers say...

“A regular Conscious Connected breathing routine has had a massive impact on my life.”

£2,000 - £3,000
*Pricing is dependant upon format, duration and location.
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