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Health & Wellbeing

Self-Care to Success: Unlocking Your Highest Potential

Explore how integrating self-care into your daily routine, through tiny moments of kindness, can significantly enhance your work performance, creativity, and overall happiness.

45 mins
45 mins
45 mins

In a culture that often equates output with success, the importance of self-care is often overlooked, leaving many feeling drained and far from their optimal selves. This workshop challenges this narrative, spotlighting the profound impact that self-care can have on our work performance, creativity, and overall happiness. This workshop delves into practical ways to weave self-care into the fabric of our daily routines, turning fleeting moments into opportunities for kindness to ourselves. How can small acts of self-care fuel our journey towards achieving our highest potential? Join us to explore strategies that not only nurture well-being but also pave the way for sustained success and fulfillment.

Key outcomes: (Bullet Points): During this insightful 90-minute workshop, participants will discover the transformative power of self-care and its role in unlocking their highest potential. Key outcomes include:

  • Self-Care as a Foundation for Success: Understand how self-care contributes to improved work performance, creativity, and personal growth.
  • Practical Self-Care Strategies: Learn how to integrate simple, effective self-care practices into your daily routine, even during the busiest days.
  • Enhancing Creativity and Innovation: Discover the link between regular self-care and increased creativity, and how nurturing your well-being can unlock innovative thinking.
  • Improving Work Performance: Explore how self-care leads to greater focus, energy, and productivity, positively impacting your professional life.
  • Building a Sustainable Self-Care Routine: Gain insights into creating a self-care plan that is realistic, enjoyable, and tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.
  • The Ripple Effect of Self-Care: See how personal well-being influences your interactions, relationships, and the ability to inspire and lead others.

Through a blend of interactive discussions, reflective exercises, and actionable planning, participants will leave equipped with the tools and motivation to incorporate self-care into their daily lives. This workshop is not just about self-improvement—it’s about redefining success to include well-being, happiness, and fulfillment, empowering you to thrive in all aspects of life.


Rebecca Fredericks is a women’s health and wellbeing specialist, mum of 4, executive coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, speaker and author. She uses her background in psychology, NLP, nutrition and exercise to help women thrive through the difficult transitions of pregnancy, maternity return and menopause. She’s worked with thousands of women helping them to create lasting change through talks, workshops and executive health coaching.

What customers say...

‘This teaches you to find your ‘why’; those deep motivations that enable you to commit to exercise, healthy eating and positive mindset, not as a fad but as a lifestyle. It helps to connect your mind, body and soul in a way that is authentic and lasting’ - Candice Carboo Ofulue, Principal Consultant, Korn Ferry

£1,000 - £1,500
*Pricing is dependant upon format, duration and location.
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