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Lucy Scarlett

Lucy Scarlett

Lucy is a Mindset, performance, and self-development coach and founder of Lumini Coaching and Blurred. She is passionate about raising awareness of people's social media usage as part of a holistic approach to better well-being. Lucy believes that the misuse of different social platforms can contribute to people's burnout as they focus on comparing other people rather than fulfilling themselves. Lucy coaches people about having a better sense of authentic self and not trying to fit into an image of success social media portrays; by doing this, people gain confidence and clarity and better well-being for understanding and achieving goals.

What Clients Say

"Lucy has been a pleasure to work with when organizing coaching and workshops for some of the key people in the Wiser team. We were seeking someone who fit in culturally and was relatable to the team at Wiser; Lucy fit the bill perfectly. She was incredibly friendly and approachable, while also being knowledgeable about her program and the topics she covered. She rolled out 1:1 sessions with five people across the company, and we received glowing feedback from all of them. They valued their time with Lucy and saw it as a benefit. We also noticed an uplift in the performance of these individuals when it came to their capability to manage larger projects. Lucy also ran workshops for different groups around various mindset and well-being topics. She delivered the content with great energy and was able to create relationships with people in the room to ensure everyone was engaged. We maintain a good relationship with Lucy and will continue to partner with her moving forward."